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Question about selling

Can a home lose value over time? As the years pass, the value of a home can decrease due to a variety of factors, such as wear and tear, changing market conditions, and the overall condition of the property. In some cases, a home’s value can depreciate significantly, resulting in a significant financial loss for the homeowner. To protect against this, homeowners should take steps to maintain their property and keep up with market trends to ensure their home retains its value.

While there are pros and cons to both, it ultimately depends on the individual’s needs and preferences. Older homes may have more character and charm, but they may also require more maintenance and repairs. New homes, on the other hand, may be more energy efficient and require less upkeep, but they may also come with a higher price tag. Ultimately, it is up to the buyer to decide which type of home is the best value for them.

A real estate broker is a professional who facilitates the buying and selling of real estate. They are knowledgeable in the real estate market and have the expertise to help buyers and sellers navigate the complexities of the process. Brokers are licensed and regulated by PRC in which they practice, and they must adhere to a strict code of ethics. They are responsible for finding suitable properties for buyers, negotiating contracts, and helping to close the deal. Brokers also provide valuable advice to sellers on pricing, marketing, and other aspects of the sale. With their expertise, real estate brokers can make the process of buying and selling real estate much smoother and more successful.

Using a real estate broker in the Philippines can provide many benefits to buyers and sellers. A registered real estate broker is a professional with legal requirements such as passing the government examination for brokers, NBI clearance, surety bond, and securing necessary certificates. They also undergo Continuing Professional Education and are guided by the Code of Ethics of Real Estate Service Act (RESA).

Real estate brokers together with sales agents/salespersons assist clients buy, sell, and rent properties. It is the licensed real estate broker who has direct supervision and accountability over their duly accredited sales agent/salesperson. This provides protection for buyers from being deceived or misled by unlicensed or fraudulent real estate salespeople.

The commission for brokers is usually a fixed percentage on every property they sell instead of a price markup, making them an important part of the process. It is recommended to research potential brokers online and read reviews before selecting one, as well as establishing times and methods of communication early on. All real estate brokers must be licensed in order to practice in the Philippines and have all the required documents prepared before taking the exam.

Real estate agents, brokers, and Realtors are distinct titles that require different qualifications but are often used interchangeably in the Philippines.

Absolutely! Paying your own taxes and insurance is a great way to take control of your financial future. Not only will you be able to keep more of your hard-earned money, but you’ll also be able to ensure that your taxes and insurance are paid on time and in full. Taking the time to pay your own taxes and insurance can be a great way to save money and ensure that you are in compliance with all applicable laws.

Of course. By selling your own home you have the control of the entire sales process. Which will save you on paying a broker a commission. However you should understand what you’re getting yourself into. Selling a property will require the minimum activity of listing, advertising, marketing, showing the property, networking with people, researching the market, negotiating with buyers, preparing a comprehensive deed of sale, possibly warrantying the house and the title, transferring the property, paying all the taxes and transfer fees, and ensuring that all is done within the proper allotted time once the deed of sale has been signed. Furthermore, inexperienced sellers can run into problems with liability and advertising, such as using words that seem innocent but can be discriminatory or false. Finally, you may not be able to price your home correctly without the help of a real estate agent, as they know how to budget properly and get a return on small updates or renovations, thus negating the savings you typically encounter in selling your own property.

When buying a condominium in the Philippines, it is necessary to deal with a sales agent as they can provide important information about the condition of the building and the HOA’s finances, as well as help you find the best condos to invest in. Additionally, they can provide advice on financing options available for purchasing a condo, such as in-house financing, and help you assess your financial status to ensure that you are ready to make a long-term financial commitment.

Question about renting

Renting offers several advantages over buying, such as not having to pay real estate taxes, being able to have a bigger net worth than homeowners, and having the flexibility to move without worrying about selling a property. Additionally, renters can benefit from forced savings and appreciation benefits, while their mortgage costs stay the same as rents rise. To rent, one should generally have a good credit rating and an income of at least 3x the rent amount.

Renting is often more expensive than buying a home in the long run. Rent prices have been increasing at an average of 3.5% per year for the past 20 years, meaning that rent costs could double again in the next 60 years. Additionally, when renting, you are not building equity or gaining any financial benefit from your payments.

A broker can assist in finding a property to rent. They have experience and knowledge of the local market, access to listings, and can set up meetings with landlords. However, they may cost more than going it DIY as they take home a commission of approximately 1-2 months of the total monthly rent.

Rental property can be a good investment in 2022. It can provide a good cash flow, generate recurring income and offer tax benefits. However, it is important to consider personal factors such as one’s own financial situation before investing in rental property. Additionally, it is important to do the math to make sure the property being considered is right for the investor, and to consult a financial adviser or real estate agent for advice. Furthermore, investors should be aware of the expenses associated with owning and managing a rental property, and that they may need funds available before they can break into the business.

According to, investing in property for Airbnb in the Philippines can still be a profitable venture in 2022. There are several reasons why current successful Airbnb hosts took the leap and started listing their properties, such as having an entrepreneurial spirit and taking advantage of software tools to automate their listings, payments, guest communication, and more. Additionally, investing in an Airbnb property can provide passive income, which is defined as a revenue stream that doesn’t require active involvement to make a profit. However, there are some unique expenses associated with running an Airbnb investment that should be taken into consideration, such as managing the property and understanding local regulations. It is also important to estimate the potential Airbnb income of your chosen location before investing.

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